Wood & cement staining

Perfect Touch Painters offers complete staining services in and around the Philadelphia area. Whether you have a natural area that you’d like to finish or an existing stained portion that needs to be redone, we have the expertise, experience, and equipment that is necessary to deliver to you a quality staining for your wood or cement. 

Our Staining Services:

We offer staining service for both wood and concrete in both indoor and outdoor settings. Here is an overview of what we are able to provide with our staining services. 

Wood Staining

Wood staining is the primary staining service that we offer to our clients. Many people think of wood staining as purely a measure to take if they want their wood to look better, but wood staining is actually important for a few other things as well. One of the most important reasons to properly stain your wood is that it can become more resistant to weather and other elements that might affect it, especially if it is outdoors. If you have wood that is unsealed in your outdoor patio, it is essential that you get it stained to prolong the life of the wood and ensure that it looks better for longer. A properly-stained wood in an outdoor or indoor area can protect it from the sun and anything else that it might encounter. 

Another obvious benefit of staining your wood is that it looks much better when stained. There are hundreds of different types and colors of stains so that you can get exactly the look that you want. We offer staining on new, natural woods as well as wood that is already stained. If your wood is already stained but you don’t like the look of it, we can help you change it with our expertise and extensive knowledge of wood coatings. If you want your wood furniture, flooring, trim, or any other piece of wood in your home to look great and fit in with your decor, call us today to inquire about our wood staining services. 

Cement Staining

While everyone knows about wood staining and the various benefits that come with it, the concept of cement staining is a bit more foreign to most people. Cement staining is becoming more and more popular for those who want to protect their outdoor patios and cement areas. One of the main benefits of cement staining is that you can customize your cement to look how you want it to. You can bronze and seal the cement to give it a more decorative look rather than just being plain and pale. Though this sealing process, cement staining can also increase the life of your outdoor cement and make it more resistant to weather and wear which can occur when it is in an outdoor environment. 

Cement staining is becoming an increasingly popular practice as more people care about the life and look of their outdoor landscaping. However, it can also be used indoors for any exposed cement that you have. This could be applicable for your basement or any other cement that you have around your home or business that you want to give some life to.