License & Insurance

Perfect Touch Painter has all the necessary licenses and insurance to perform our job safely and within the confines of the law and any relevant local regulations. When you work with us, there is no risk due to our good standing with all regulatory bodies and our knowledge of the requirements and responsibilities of contractors in our area and around the country. 


Working with a contractor that has all the requisite licensing is important for safety and legal reasons. For starters, you can find yourself in some legal trouble if you have contractors who are not registered with the city and state on your property working on a new construction. There are regulations in place for a reason, and you’ll be happy to know that we are completely compliant with all relevant legislation on the city, state, and federal level. In addition to our own licensing, we can also advise you on any building permits that you may need to display. Our experience comes in very valuable in this area. 

Another reason that you should require a license to work on your property is safety. Having a contractor with proper licenses and certifications means that they have been approved by our local government to work on projects like this and that they have been through all the necessary safety certifications to reduce the risk of accidents, injury, and property damage. Having a contractor without the necessary certifications is putting a lot of risk on your shoulders and it will be a headache to deal with if something does happen on the job site. 

When you work with Perfect Touch Painter, you know that you are working with a true professional because we have each of the necessary certifications and we have been through safety classes, competency tests, and other registrations designed to test that we are fit for the job. We are well-versed on all safety measures and techniques and are ready to serve you in the safest way possible. 


Just as working with a contractor without the proper licenses is a risky proposition, so is working with a contractor without insurance. Contractor’s insurance is designed to protect the company as well as the homeowner should anything go wrong, anyone get injured, or any property get damaged. Working with a contractor that does not have these protections in place is risky at best and leaves yourself open to all sorts of liability. A contractor without insurance can easily walk out on you even if they have damaged your property or cause financial hardship on an involved party. You may have to bring them to court to recoup any compensation. Insurance can solve that problem and its why you should never consider working with a painter that doesn’t have good insurance. 

Luckily for our clients, we are properly insured and they don’t need to worry about uncovered losses. When you work with Perfect Touch Painter, you are covered in the rare instance that anything does happen that causes damage, injury, or anything else that might go wrong. Working with our company is risk-free and allows you to breathe a sigh of relief when painting your home or business.